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Women in Refrigerators

In Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog comic, issue #223, Geoffrey said that his wife Hershey was dead. This sparked humor amongst the Sonic fan community about Hershey's fate. It also drew speculation in regards to the legal debate between Archie and Ken Penders. Some people reviewing the case concluded Penders could have Hershey, and that could influence Hershey's fate in the comic. In response to the fan community, Matthew Monroe presents the following:

Poor Hershey has suffered the fate of many a comic book female character.

Fans at Bumbleking joked about how Hershey could meet the same demise as it appeared in Green Lantern #54. Green Lantern #54 created the trope known as Women in Refrigerators. There is even a website dedicated to it. Visit it with this link.

Matthew Monroe realized that Hershey's plight should not go unnoticed and contacted Ken Penders to see what could be done. Because Hershey was from a comic book, Matthew proposed a 3 panel strip which Ken Penders agreed to pencil and ink himself. Here is the original layout Matthew sent to Mr. Penders:

It's the thought that counts.

Penders diligently began working the strip and produced this preliminary sketch:

The preliminary sketch!

Once this was approved he began the inks which were then mailed to Matthew, who would finish the strip.

The original inks!

Once Matthew received the inks he digitally remastered the inks before coloring them. Afterwards the strip was touched up to ensure that Hershey, and other female comic characters, would receive the respect and dignity they deserve. The finished strip is at the top of this page.

Digitally remastered!

So remember folks: show female comic characters the proper support...

..or you'll find them in a refrigerator!

Geoffrey St. John and Hershey the Cat ©2011 Ken Penders, used with permission.