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About Matthew Monroe

Contact Information

Mail: 1246 Douglas Ave, Montgomery, IL 60538


Phone: 630-907-7375

Mission Statement

Matthew Monroe's mission is to create music and other media for the enrichment of others.

This includes video games, card games, tabletop games, comics, books, animation, and movies.


Matthew Monroe graduated from Lisle Senior High School with perfect attendance.

He then proceeded to College of DuPage where he received an Associates of Arts and an Associates of Fine Arts in Music.

After transfering to Elmhurst College he acquired a Bachelor's of Arts in Music Theory and Composition.

Matthew Monroe ended his schooling at Eastern Illinois University where he studied for a Master of Arts in Music Composition.

Work History

Matthew Monroe has served as choir director at Faith United Methodist Church of Lisle from 2013 to 2020.

Matthew Monroe served as a print production specialist for Personal Creations.

There he created layouts for and maintained Roland FP and XJ 740 dye sublimation printers

as well as Epson Surecolor F6070 and F7070 printers.

Matthew Monroe has also done lawn work (mowing lawns, cleaing gutters, trimming trees and bushes, raking leaves, and one stump removal).

Matthew Monroe edited photographs for East Queen Fine Jewelry (for use on their website).

Matthew Monroe was also a student aide for Dr. Tom Tallman at the College of DuPage.

This involved setting up rooms for rehearsals and performances, grading tests, filling out contracts for hired musicians,

and serving as music librarian.


The Chancellor's List 2004-2005

The National Dean's List 2003-2004 and 2004-2005

Member of the Phi Theta Kappa honors society

Receiver of the Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship at Elmhurst College

Won the DuPage Foundation Belushi Memorial Jazz/Band Music Scholarship

Winner of the Grace Haskins Music Theology Scholarship at Elmhurst College

Acquired a Music Talent Scholarship for Euphonium at Elmhurst College

Musical Experience

21 years of playing Euphonium and concert band music.

20 years of playing jazz on valve trombone.

10 years as a church musician, instrumental as well as vocal.

Composing and arranging concert, jazz, and orchestra music.

Computer Experience

Open Office, Gimp, Musescore, 5 years of Game Maker programming.

Html and PHP programming. 3 years of Python programming in Panda3d.

Moderator on F-Zero Central.

Built F-Zero Central's current ladder system for their F-Zero competition.

Organizational Experience

Music ensemble rehearsals.

Sunday school teaching.

Presider for church meetings.

Church choir conductor.

Video Game Competition Experience

Has competed in the F-Zero series for 6 years.

The 4th best F-Zero GPL flapper in the world at one point.

One of the top ten F-Zero GPL players.

One of the top 20 overall F-Zero players.

Has held the following 13 world records (at some point in time):

F-Zero GPL: Time Trial flaps: Sand Ocean-Caterpillar 1 and 2, Mute City-Expansion Park 1 and 2, Port Town-Forked Road 1 and 2, Red Canyon-Peak Jump 2, Red Canyon-Red Canyon, Mute City-Championship.

F-Zero GPL: Zero Test: B7, B10.

F-Zero Climax: Time Trial flaps: Big Blue-Twin Course, Port Town-Great Wings.