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Here lies Rinukksu

Who was Rinukksu? He was a ghost agent. A member of the Ayakashi Ghost Guild. He started off with one phantom but acquired the assistance of many spirits along his journey.

Mira was always by his side. Ever loyal. Ever true.

Oh, Mira, how you always called him master! Such companionship will not be forgotten!

But the relationship was to come to an end. The Great Old One, Zynga, had arose from his complacency and decided to migrate to another dimension. Zynga decided to cast off all that hindered him, and many worlds were destroyed in the process. Historians have cited as many as eleven worlds were lost.

How many ghost agents were destroyed? Millions? How many more gamers lost? Worlds may pass, but the memories live on. Rinukksu, you are remembered here.

Rinukksu did not make it very far before the end. He never made it through the Diet Building, and only completed six seal stones.

As a member of the Ghost Guild, Rinukksu cooperated with fellow Ghost Agents. If it wasn't for all the pokes he wouldn't have progressed as fast as he did. Some crew members helped more than others, and some were far more advanced, but they all contributed one way or the other.

Rinukksu contracted with many divina, anima, and phantoms in his quest to save Japan. They are remembered here.

As a member of the Ghost Guild, Rinukksu had access to some data on ghosts, and the guild kept track of all he had come accross, even though they didn't always keep the records straight.

As the world slowly imploded around Rinukksu, he could not but access the public chat and mutter his final words: "Goodbye all fellow Ghost Agents."

Rinukksu, and all members of the Ghost Guild, your legacy will be remembered.