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Here lies Copernia9

Who was Copernia9? She was a mage. An elementalist. An Archmage. She braved the world of Arad in a parallel dimension on the brink of destruction. The dimension was known as DFO.

12 days before the prophesied end, she entered Arad to see how far she could thwart the evil therein. 12 days she battled through forest, mountain, and tomb. In town and tower, and even across the back of a behemoth. She reached the gates of King's Relic, but could not pass the fell guardians there, so she turned northwest. There she met the great ice dragon Skasa, and was slain by his might.

Before the fates had been merciful, and allowed her to re spawn, but the doors to DFO were closed. Copernia9's spirit now wanders restlessly, waiting to take form again.

Although DFO has passed, her memory shall not, nor the memory of those she met. As one of Copernia9's many acquaintances said, "I hope people will remember me even if I've forgotten them. I hope I'm never forgotten." You are remembered here.

Copernia9 had many accomplishments on her journey. She tried to be as thorough as possible. Alas, she never forged Repose Incense, and could not become an honory member of the Great Blue Learning, although she managed everything else before her.

In the 12 days she did adventure, Copernia9 did not have time for all the special tasks proposed by the fates, nor could she pass the great ice dragon Skasa.

In the tomb of Copernia9 lies her equipment. She was always pressed for gold and time, so she never forged her equipment as high as could be attained. Always fearful of the blows of her enemies, she focused on gear that did not abstruct her casting while granting her great fortitude.

Do to her magic affinity, Copernia9 neglected her trinkets even more, although for her final battle she put forth effort in her chosen weapon, a mighty staff forged for her by the residents of Hendon Myre.

Copernia9 had a myriad of titles bestowed on her during her quest to save Arad. The one she chose to bear was Sacred Guardian. As the end drew near, many despaired and took a stance of apathy in Hendon Myre. They ceased their sacred duty to guard the world from destruction. Copernia9 passed crowds of them as the final hours approached. She continued to guard Arad until the very end, and wore this title proudly.

Here ends the record of Copernia9.