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A sequel to Opus_004. Another quartet with the same instrumentation. I thought of this one as being an adventure because it explored different material. It also has meter changes, which isn't something I did much with in previous music. Letter A is the primary melody, then there is the B melody 8 measure after B. The A melody returns after C before introducing a new material at measure 78 and letter D. Letter E was designed to sound like a lullaby. When on long trips people sleep at motels/hotels/camp grounds, so this is the sleeping part of the adventure. The melody reenters at G, and from there out serves as a condensed version of the piece. This packing of all the melodies/sections together was my attempt at a development section. Letter I is the end of the adventure when everyone gets to relax with an amen cadence. The music was designed to be 299 seconds long.

To view the score in pdf format click here Opus_005-Score.pdf

The score and parts can be downloaded together as a zip file by clicking here

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