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Latest Version: Demo 1.1

F-Copernicus 1 is a top-down high-speed futuristic racing game. It celebrates the 20th anniversary of high-speed futuristic racing outside of Japan.

4 years in the making, this game attempts to be a complete single player racing experience, designed specifically for people who compete in high-speed futuristic racing games.

The game features 24 tracks, 24 time trial vehicles, 3 race modes, and online ladders. The vehicles allow for a variety of play styles, including jumping, sliding, and snaking. Graphics can be toggled between 2D and 2.5D.

This was Matthew Monroe's only attempt at a commercial game. The full version of the game was originally made for purchase August 23rd, 2011, but is nolonger supported and no longer available for purchase as of September 11, 2018.

In order to submit records to the online ladder you need to create an account, which is done here: FCCentral.

The free demo can be downloaded from the link below.

Questions, comments, and concerns can be emailed to

Size: 4.1 MB

Requires Windows XP or more recent Windows operating system.

Download F-Copernicus 1 Demo


When the game was commercial it was available at BMT Micro for $15 U. S. Dollars.

The link purchase page is here, although purchasing has been disabled: F-Copernicus 1 at BMT Micro.



Here is a snaking example:

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Here is a slider example:

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Here is a survival mode example:

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